Our services

Precision and versatility require high levels of methodological expertise from everyone involved in the process. Prototype and niche series manufacturing in particular rely on specialist knowledge and impeccable timing.

5-/6-axis machining technology

Our modern CNC machining centres have many different technical features such as cooled drives, pallet changers, zero point clamping system, and collision and crash sensors to guarantee the highest precision in all our technical processes.

3D measuring equipment

Our experts use innovative 3D measuring equipment to ensure high-precision manufacturing. This starts when we develop our measuring strategy and continues through to initial sample approval up to final sampling.

Temperature-controlled manufacturing

Our entire manufacturing process is temperature controlled so that we can carefully counteract the thermal expansion of light metal during the production process.

Project management

High-performance machining is only possible if humans and machines work together systematically in conjunction with an efficient production planning system. Today's production processes are highly complex, requiring integration of everything from customer requirements right through to component realisation.

Testing technology

To be able to meet the rising demands from customers for component functionality, we either use leading standard technology or develop and build our own testing and assembly systems.

Component cleanliness

Sensitive components require high levels of cleanliness. We use the latest cleaning methods to help us achieve this. We also ensure suitable measures are taken during packaging and logistics.


We use single parts produced or sourced by us to complete the components we have manufactured in order to make them fit for purpose. The functionality and repeat accuracy are then verified using appropriate tests.


Our engineering department communicates regularly with the customer's development team to decide on the best means of technical implementation to ensure that each component can be manufactured successfully. This means every project partner can reap the benefits of perfect technical solutions and optimised cost-efficiency.