As a society, we need to make significant changes to protect the planet for future generations. That's why our company group is committed to responsible and sustainable practice to help protect our environment. We believe that using natural resources carefully is just as important as continuously optimising our processes if we want to have a positive impact on the changes taking place in our world. That's why we've installed photovoltaic systems on a large scale on our production halls. The solar electricity they produce is used to power a large part of our production processes and even an electric vehicle charging station. We're helping e-mobility to go green.

We avoid using materials that are damaging to health and the environment. We prioritise preventing, reducing and reusing waste over simply disposing of it. If we do have to dispose of materials, we do so in the most environmentally friendly way possible and ensure that we follow legal and official regulations to the letter. We also support the environmental policies of our customers and always comply with their relevant requirements. All BÖLLINGER GROUP employees are obliged to follow quality-orientated and environmentally sound principles in their work.

We go above and beyond the statutory provisions for occupational medical examinations and system requirements by promoting health protection initiatives across the company group. This includes group participation in running events, installing ergonomic workstations in our technology and administration offices, and offering all our employees incentives to use bikes rather than cars.


Boris Pasternak, Russian poet

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High-quality products and processes are the result of intelligent and thorough planning and preparation.


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It's important to have confidence in your own work; but it's even more important to assess the quality of this work. Especially when it comes to our highly complex manufacturing processes.

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From our three locations in Germany, we work closely with our customers to tackle the challenges of creating mobility fit for the future.


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